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The USA High School Clay Target League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and operates the Colorado State High School Clay Target League as the independent provider of shooting sports as an extracurricular co-ed and adaptive activity to high schools for students in grades six through 12 who have earned their hunter education certification. The League’s priorities are safety, fun and marksmanship – in that order.

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Shoot at your local shooting range

Minimum travel for athletes and parents saves time and money.

True Team® scoring

A proprietary scoring system that compares an athlete’s score against all athletes in a conference
and awards points proportionately to the best overall team rather than the top five finishers.

Shooter Performance Tracker®

A proprietary web-based application for coaches and athletes to monitor an athletes scores and
performance ranking in team, class, conference and state via computer, tablet or mobile device.

Encourages beginners

All beginners have the opportunity to contribute to their team’s overall score.

Team Management System®

A proprietary web-based software for coaches to manage their profile, athlete information,
athlete registration, submit scores, and state tournament registration.

Athlete insurance policy

Each registered student athlete receives an accident insurance policy.

Coach and volunteer insurance policy

Each registered member of the team’s coaching staff receives a complimentary general
liability insurance policy.

No benchwarmers

Every athlete on the team gets to shoot.

Top-performing athletes are recognized

Website postings of achievements by gender in Class, Conference and State.

25/50 straight club recognition

Student athletes that achieve perfection with 25 or 50 straight targets hit receive a patch to
attach to their shooting gear and recognition to the website’s 25/50 Straight Club.

Everyone is invited to the State Tournament

Student athletes compete in the Novice, Junior Varsity, or Varsity individual and
team classifications that are segmented by an athlete’s weekly season average.

Athletes shoot 50 targets each week

Two rounds of 25.

Teams can shoot up to two days per week

Student athletes can coordinate schedules and participate in other sports.

Lettering program offered

Provides lettering recommendations so athletes can letter for their school.

Yearbook photo inclusion

Team photos are encouraged to be included in the school’s yearbook.

Cooperative agreement among schools

Student athletes can participate on other teams if their school does not have a team.

College scholarship available

Seniors can apply for a $1,000 scholarship to help pursue their college education.

Professional support staff available to help

Full-time experienced staff provide support for coaches, schools and athletes at all times.

Fall league available

To encourage new students to join the team.

Hunter Education Certificate required for all athletes

The only high school sport that requires safety certification before participation.

1 coach for every 10 athletes required

Encourages adult mentors to be involved.

Compete against all teams in your conference each week

Student athletes have more fun competing against all teams in a single event.

100% of teams are school-approved.

Athletes and teams represent their school by using their school name – just like other sports.

No requirement to join other organizations

No school or student athlete will be required to join any other organization to participate.

Teams made up of students from grades six to 12

Everyone participates on the same team with the same rules.

Dynamic website and social media

With daily updates on activity and news.

Comprehensive Policies & Procedures Guidebook

Expectations are clear and concise.

Online athlete registration

Convenient registration is provided to coaches to have the parents and their student athlete agree
to all requirements regarding sportsmanship, medical, student and parent contact information.

Cooperative schools agreement

Student athletes may participate on another team if their school does not have a team.

Representation at the Wisconsin Athletic Directors Association

The League hosts a booth for Wisconsin athletic directors to learn more.

Reserve week scoring

Available for teams to use if their competition event gets cancelled due to weather.

Student athlete recruitment kit

Announcements, posters, signup sheets and customer support is provided to help schools
educate parents and students about the team at information meetings held at the school.

Minimum team size is 5

Conferences are determined by team size, not geography, to make competition as fair as possible.

No maximum team size

As long as coaching staff ratio requirements are met and the shooting range can accommodate
the team size safely a team can be as large as possible.

Priorities are safety, fun and marksmanship

Listed in order of importance.

Coach Advisory Council to help new coaches and teams

A group of current coaches who share experiences and documents with new coaches.

Athletes represent their own school

Approval by the high school and use of their name is required.

State Tournament Clay Target Leaderboard

View LIVE scores, standings, and rankings from any mobile device.

Coach Education & Support Program

Online access to training modules, blogs, advisory council and more to help coaches.

Free commemorative League patch

All new student athletes receive a League patch to adhere to their gear.

No reported injuries

Since 2001.

No school gun-free zone violations

Since 2001.